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The Works 22

+ Bacon [2 rashers], fried eggs [x2], sausage, hash browns [x2] & served with toasted sour dough.

Eggs Benedict on toasted local sour dough

+ with 2 rashers of dry cured bacon, 2 free range soft poached eggs and creamy hollandaise 24.50

+ with Smoked Salmon, 2 free range soft poached eggs and creamy hollandaise 24.50

Rosti Bacon 24.50

+ Traditional homemade Swiss cheese and onion Rosti potatoes, served with bacon, fried eggs. (G.F) 

Rosti Salmon 24.50

+ Traditional homemade Swiss cheese and onion Rosti potatoes, served with smoked salmon, scrambled egg. (G.F) 

Rosti Vegetarian 24.50

+ Traditional homemade Swiss cheese and onion Rosti potatoes, served with mushrooms, fried eggs, guacamole (G.F) 

Brunch Stack 21

+ Famous homemade chunky hash browns layered with cheese and bacon topped with camembert cheese, tomato relish and sour cream 

French Toast 24

+ Served with fried banana, fresh seasonal fruits drizzled with Maple syrup and yoghurt on the side & 2 rashers of dry cured bacon 

Pancakes [French Crepes] 

+ All homemade with mouthwatering maple syrup, bananas and freshly whipped cream 18

+ as above:  add 2 rashers dry cured bacon 24


+ cream cheese & jam 10                                                                                                                                                                 

+ cream cheese, cold smoked salmon, lemon & capers 18 


Smashed Avocado on dark German Rye, drizzled with olive oil and topped with salad garni. (V) 15

Scrambled Eggs with Toasted Multigrain & Butter.15

Budget Breakfast 15

+ Cured bacon [x1 rasher], fried free-range egg [x1] and mini croissant or white toast w butter & jam.                                    

No substitutions on this special.

Sour Dough Toast with Butter & Preserves.  6.50


For meals to be served without dressings; we must be advised at time of ordering.  Thank you.

Panini with Garden Salad:  a house favourite! Freshly prepared with choice of styles: 

+ Chicken, cheese, cranberry and camembert

+ Roasted vegetables, tomato pesto, cheese, feta and sour cream 19.50

+ Salmon, cheese, cream cheese, and capers 22

Fish & Chips served with lemon, tomato ketchup and homemade tartare sauce & salad garni.  19

Fisherman’s Basket 24

+ Our favourite combination of battered fish, breaded prawns, squid rings heaped onto French fries and served with lemon,              tomato ketchup and homemade tartare sauce.

Calamari - Lemon & Pepper Squid.  Served with fresh lemon, tomato ketchup and homemade tartare sauce  23


+ Cajun Chicken: Hot chicken with Cajun spice, house sauce; combined with fresh garden salad in a hot tortilla wrap 19.50

+ Tofu: as above [omit chicken] w our own house prepared fresh Tofu [Vg] 19.50

Nachos - Vegetarian - Homemade salsa, beans, cheese, guacamole and sour cream 19.50

Nachos - Chicken or Beef 19.50

Sweetcorn Fritters 

+ Manuka smoked bacon, sweet chilli, guacamole, sour cream and salad  24.50

+ Smoked salmon, sweet chilli, guacamole, sour cream and salad  24.50

Steak Sandwich 24.50

Succulent 150gm* rump steak on sourdough bread, fried onions, salad garni and fries.  Homemade aioli & relish.

Burgers - All burgers served in a toasted ciabatta roll with salad garni, relish, aioli and fries 

+ Gourmet Double Beef Burger
- 200gm*  22

+ Falafel - served with homemade chutney and Tahini dressing (Vg)]  22

Salads (Subject to seasonal availability) 

+ Roast Vegetable - served with dukkah and tahini dressing (Vg) (GF)  24

+ Chicken - hot succulent medallions dressed with dukkah and aioli
 (GF)  24

+ Chicken Caesar Salad - chicken, garlic croutons, free range poached egg, crispy bacon on cos lettuce, shaved parmesan.  House dressing  27

Fried Eggs and Chips 15

Sausages, Fried Eggs & Chips 19

Frittata with Salad
 (GF) 16

Tortilla Stack with Salad (V) 17.50


TAKE AWAY EXTRAS: - we can supply bio cutlery packs to accompany our meals - $1 per pack.


Mussel Chowder – a homemade locals’ favourite! 17

Soup of The Day (see Specials Board) – homemade & delicious 14

B.L.T. (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato Relish) served on toasted multigrain with fries 16

Small Seasonal Salad served w homemade vinaigrette & aioli (V) (GF) 9.90

Wedges with Sweet Chilli and Sour cream

Wedges with Cheese, Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream 15

Wedges with Bacon and Cheese, Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream 17

Fries w mayonnaise and tomato sauce 9.50

Toasted Sandwich served on toasted multigrain – cheese & ham 10

Freshly baked Garlic Bread w sweet chilli sauce 11


(UNDER 12 YEARS)      All meals do include a small standard drink of juice, milk or fizz.

Chicken nuggets & fries 12

Ham & Cheese toastie 12

Sausage & 2 hash browns

Beans on toast

Beach Bag – cheese snack, chips, fresh and dried fruit, boxed drink, cookies, lollipop

Kids Platter - cheese snack, fresh & dried fruit, vege sticks, corn chips, boxed drink, jelly. 14


For vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy-free or other dietary requirements, we can suit your needs!

For general disclaimers, allergy & production statements; please ask on site or see house menu.

Please drop us a message on facebook or ask in the cafe about any alternative menus. 

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